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Celtic Tiger


Our culture is nurtured by a set of values, built on past experiences, that help us best serve our customers, our partners and each other.



Learn Skills is committed to, providing a best quality on-line education and training environment and to continuously improving our service delivery. This value is reached through: partnering with exceptional education and training partners, conducting research and development, and seeking advice and feedback from thought leaders and clients.


Together with our partners, we work in an open and collaborative environment. We are also advocates of open technologies and open education philosophies and the benefits they can bring to our clients. We achieve this value through building and maintaining the trust of each of our stakeholders and through using open source technology to add value to our services.


Learn Skills will act on any creative idea, process or technology that will make a tangible difference to the challenges facing our clients and improve our customer service.This value is reached through fully understanding the needs of our clients and dedicating the time to developing solutions that meet those needs.