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It's widely agreed that every company needs to have a policy statement on legal and ethical conduct. The Organizational Sentencing Guidelines require that a company "must have taken steps to communicate effectively its standards and procedures to all employees and other agents, e.g., by requiring participation in training programs or by disseminating publications that explain in a practical manner what is required." Thus, if a company hopes to qualify for more lenient treatment under the Guidelines in the event of employee or corporate misconduct, having, disseminating and enforcing a Code of Conduct are essential.

Think about it — in most companies, a new employee is given a copy of the Code on his or her first day of work, signs the acknowledgment page, and puts the Code in a bottom desk drawer, never to be opened again. But if legal or ethical issues arise down the road, what standard of conduct will the company be held to? The Code of Conduct. Code of Conduct training lifts your company's Code out of employees' bottom drawers and makes it a resource for dealing with important issues that arise in the workplace.

Course Summary
This course provides basic training on more than 20 of the most important topics found in almost every company's Code of Conduct. Topics covered in the course include:
  • The Workplace Equal employment opportunity Discrimination and harassment Employee privacy Workplace safety Political activities Workplace violence Alcohol or drug abuse Crisis management
  • How We do Business Honesty and fairness Anti-competitive conduct Bribery and kickbacks Sanctions and trade Embargoes Environmental safety
  • Information Security Customer data privacy Trade secrets Record retention E-Mail and Internet use Computer and network security
  • Other Issues Insider trading Conflicts of interest Quality communication Violations Acknowledgment

    The course also includes pop quizzes, links to news items of interest, and interactive quiz/games to test employee comprehension.