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Organizations today are competing for consumers, so assuring that customers have a positive experience is a key aspect of any company's performance. This course highlights how customer relations relates to the "bottom line," gives an overview of some common pitfalls in customer relations, and addresses concrete techniques to use with customers.
  Organisational focus on customer service took a leap during the 80s and 90s due in part to the Quality initiative taking place during these decades. For an organization to succeed, intensely managing service quality is absolutely essential. It is only through customer alignment that the organization is on track toward a single, shared vision of customer focus and customer value; a vision that energizes people and the organization to accomplish extraordinary things.  This course provi...
  Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business.  A potential customer's perception of any company is founded on how the front line staff handle the initial moment of contact.  A focused awareness of the customer's expectations, brought about by the use of highly developed communication skills, will lead to a more profitable relationship, satisfactory to both your company and your client. This course offers a series of ready to deliver topics covering the bas...
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