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The Organizational Sentencing Guidelines have had an undeniably huge impact on the way U.S. companies do business and train their employees to abide by the law. What were considered large fines for corporate misconduct in the pre-Guidelines 1970s — several hundred thousand dollars — are now being dwarfed by fines in the hundreds of millions. In addition to these increasing monetary penalties, there are potential criminal sanctions and civil liability that make corporate compliance one of the most important issues facing companies today.

Of course, a full understanding of corporate compliance does not end with an analysis of the Guidelines. You will also need to take into account (1) other regulatory standards affecting your company's business, (2) the impact of civil lawsuits that can proceed in parallel with criminal actions covered by the Guidelines, (3) the applicability of state law, (4) the potential liability of corporate directors for the company's compliance efforts, and (5) standard compliance practices within your company's industry.

Course Summary
This Course will give you an overview of the field of "corporate compliance" — its brief history, the basic workings of the Organizational Sentencing Guidelines, the components of an effective compliance Course, and related issues.

The topics covered in the Course include —
  • History of corporate compliance
  • Overview of the Organizational Sentencing Guidelines
  • The importance of having an effective compliance Course
  • Components of an effective compliance Course
  • Initiating a compliance Course
  • Compliance on the global stage