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It is certainly no secret that drug and alcohol abuse is one of our nation's most serious problems. This holds true in the workplace, as well. Almost 40% of industrial fatalities and 50% of work-related injuries are linked to drug and alcohol impairment. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 70% of illegal drug-users are employed. That means an estimated 8.3 million workers are illegal drug users. Without a doubt, drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace has significant negative effects. It is the main cause of increased accident and illness rates. It has also brought about an increase in medical and hospitalization costs, employee turnover, and workers' compensation claims. On top of these facts, drug and alcohol abuse reduces productivity and is detrimental to the workplace environment.

Course Summary

This course sets forth and explains a model drug-free workplace policy that is a synthesis of policies in use by major companies today. A company that already has a policy in place can use this course to communicate that policy to its employees and ensure their familiarity with its policy quickly and cost-effectively. Likewise, for a company that has not yet assembled or implemented a drug-free workplace policy, the course provides a turn-key solution that can be put in place instantly. The topics covered in the course include —
  • Purpose and scope of policy
  • Substance-abuse testing
  • Substance-abuse awareness
  • What employees can do to help
  • Employee assistance program
  • Policy violations