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Consider this: In a recent decision, a federal appellate court upheld a $24,000 judgment against a property-management company for failing to pay an employee overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Imagine a company that fails to pay more than one employee overtime as required by law. A major bank recently agreed to pay employees $3.8 million that it owed in unpaid overtime in a settlement with the Department of Labor. The FLSA is arguably the labor law most often violated by employers.

Violations of the FLSA are likely to become even more prevalent as Congress and the courts broaden the scope of the law to apply to more types of workers. As the make-up of a company's workforce becomes more varied, it is more crucial than ever to be aware of the provisions of the FLSA.

Course Summary
This Course provides a brief tutorial on the major provisions of the FLSA.

The topics covered in the Course include —

  • An overview of the FLSA
  • Minimum wage requirements
  • Overtime rules and how overtime pay is calculated
  • Employees who are exempt from the requirements of the FLSA
  • What workers are considered independent contractors under the FLSA
  • Restrictions on the use of child labor
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Penalties for violations of the FLSA