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Most people are interested in food and we all have things that we really like to eat.

As young children we naturally select a balanced diet if given a range of foods to eat. It's programmed in our genes to eat healthily and get all we need from food.

As we get older, however, we choose our own diet and can be influenced by things such as family, friends, TV and advertising etc. As there is so much food available it's so easy to eat too much or eat foods that aren't good for us.

This e-learning course is all about healthy living. It is intended to make you more aware of what you eat and drink, and will show you how exercise and a balanced diet can help you to stay fit and healthy. It will help you to follow a healthy lifestyle by choosing foods that are appropriate for you, and will help you to plan your exercise regime.

This e-learning course is suitable for self paced learning, distance learning and blended learning. This is an online training course and uses high quality multimedia with audio to fully engage the user.


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