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E-newsletters are not about quick sales or blasting out information. There about building relationships with clients,stakeholders, funders and as a consequence increasing revenue or creating awareness of your organisations objectives.

They are a powerful marketing and communication tool. The objective of this workshop is to empower you to
create and send your e-newsletter. Using theory, video and applied learning you will create and send a sample e-newsletter in the final part of the workshop.

When used effectively and with permission e-newsletters will -
  • grow relationships with and retain clients
  • acquire new clients
  • communicate with funders, stakeholders, donors and supporters
  • create brand awareness of your organisation
  • put your organisation front of mind when people are making decisions about purchasing services, providing funding or responding to an issue
  • reduce communication costs
  • increase revenue
  • position you and your organisation as specialists in a particular area
  • be measurable, though responses to calls 2 action, open and click through rates you can measure the success of your e-newsletter campaign

This course covers the following topics -
  • The principles of email marketing
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Communicating your message
  • Building the client email list
  • Data protection & email best practice
  • Growing, segmenting & targeting
  • Subscribe forms and welcome emails
  • Choosing a design for your e-newsletter
  • Publishing software options
  • Your e-newsletter look, feel & layout
  • The title
  • Content
  • Pre-headers
  • Editing and uploading content
  • Sourcing, editing and uploading photographs
  • Setting up your e-newsletter account
  • Creating your e-newsletter
  • Sending your e-newsletter
  • Scheduling & frequency
  • Measuring Readership