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The U.S. immigration laws are increasingly important as companies compete in the global marketplace. In a nutshell, it is against the law for a foreign national to enter the U.S. to work unless that individual has obtained a valid visa. Likewise, it is against the law for an employer (1) to hire a person who has not actually received an appropriate visa, or (2) to hire or continue to employ a person whose authorized stay to work has expired. Compliance with these basic rules can be tricky and requires strict adherence to certain record-keeping practices, as explained in the Course.

Course Summary
This Course will help employees recognize and respond to immigration issues that arise in the workplace. After outlining the basic purposes behind U.S. immigration law, it explains the key issues of employment verification, discrimination and document fraud. The Course also includes a guide to the major types of visas — permanent (immigrant) and temporary (non-immigrant) — for reference.

The topics covered in the Course include —
  • Purpose, scope and coverage of the statute
  • Prohibited recipients and payments
  • Intent and the "knowing" standard
  • Due diligence and recognizing red flags
  • Exceptions and affirmative defenses
  • The books and records provisions
  • Penalties and sanctions