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Microsoft Access 2003 is a database management program that makes it easy to store and find information, analyse data and create accurate reports. Building on a basic understanding of database theory and planning, this course will explain how to create tables and populate them with data, organise information, use filters and sort data, create relationships between tables, and import data from other sources. This course is ideal for anyone who needs to use Access to manage product stock, customer, or any other data, including administrative, specialist and customer service staff.

This course consists of the foolowing Topics:

+ Look At Microsoft Office Access 2003
+ Launch Microsoft Office Access 2003
+ Open Access Databases And Examine The Database Window
+ Change The Default File Format In Access
+ Close Access Databases And Exit Access
+ Understand Tables
+ Navigate In Tables
+ Modify Columns And Rows
+ View Multiple Tables
+ Enter Data In Datasheet View
+ Use AutoCorrect
+ Modify Table Data
+ Find Records
+ Delete Table Data
+ Sort Table Data
+ Explore And Use The Database Wizard
+ Create Blank Databases From Scratch
+ Examine Primary Keys
+ Understand Data Types
+ Create Tables In Design View And Set Primary Keys
+ Use The Table Wizard
+ Switch Between Views
+ Understand Relationships
+ Add Tables To The Relationships Window
+ Create Table Relationships
+ Enforce And Test Referential Integrity
+ Edit Existing Relationships
+ Organize And Print Relationships
+ View Subdatasheets
+ Understand Forms
+ Create AutoForms
+ Create Forms Using The Form Wizard
+ Navigate Among Records
+ Enter Data Using A Form
+ Look At Form Design View
+ Modify Control Properties
+ Move And Delete Controls
+ Align And Space Controls
+ Understand Filters
+ Use Filter By Form
+ Use Filter By Selection And Sort Records
+ Understand Queries
+ Create Single-table Queries In Query Design View
+ Create Select Queries Using A Wizard
+ Delete, Move, And Hide Query Fields
+ Find Duplicate Records
+ Find Unmatched Records
+ Understand Reports
+ Create And Save AutoReports
+ Create Reports Using A Wizard
+ Navigate In Reports
+ Preview Report Pages
+ Modify Page Orientation And Margins
+ Print Reports
+ Examine The Help Task Pane
+ Ask Help A Question
+ Look At The Office Assistant

+ Move And Delete Fields
+ Modify Multiple Data Types
+ Create And Use Hyperlinks In Tables
+ Understand The Lookup Wizard
+ Create And Use Lookup Lists
+ Generate And Use Value Lists
+ Understand Input Masks
+ Apply And Use Input Masks
+ Understand Field Properties
+ Add Captions To Fields
+ Add Default Values
+ Understand Smart Tags
+ Propagate Field Properties
+ Specify Field Size And Format
+ Understand Indexes
+ Index Fields
+ Examine Importing And Exporting
+ Import Data To Existing Tables
+ Export Data From Access To Other Applications
+ Learn About XML
+ Import XML Files To New Tables
+ Export Database Data Into XML Files
+ Create Multi-table Queries
+ Examine Operators And Expressions
+ Specify Criteria
+ Create Crosstab Queries
+ Display Queries In PivotChart View
+ Look At The Expression Builder
+ Add Calculated Fields Using The Expression Builder
+ Format Calculated Fields
+ Understand Aggregate Functions
+ Use Aggregate Functions In Queries
+ Understand Form Sections
+ Add Headers And Footers To Forms
+ Understand Controls
+ Add Bound Controls To Forms
+ Create Calculated Controls
+ Add Option Groups Using A Wizard
+ Define Tab Order
+ Change Form Properties
+ Understand Report Sections
+ Create Reports In Design View
+ Add Calculated Controls To Reports
+ Add Controls To Headers And Footers
+ Format Controls In Reports
+ Align, Resize, And Space Controls
+ Look At Data Access Pages
+ Save Forms And Reports As Data Access Pages
+ Create Data Access Pages Using A Wizard
+ Create Hyperlinks In Data Access Pages
+ View Object Dependencies
+ Use The Documenter
+ Print Database Objects
+ Compact And Repair Databases
+ Back Up Database Files In Microsoft Office Access 2003

+ Understand Database Design
+ Use The Table Analyzer Wizard
+ Link Tables From Different Databases
+ Make A Linked Table Local
+ Modify Lookup Fields
+ Create and Modify Custom Input Masks
+ Set Validation Parameters
+ Understand How To Optimize Data Type Usage
+ Set Multiple-field Primary Keys
+ Examine One-to-One And Many-to-many Relationships
+ Establish Many-to-many Relationships
+ Establish One-to-one Relationships
+ Look At Cascade Updates And Deletes
+ Use Cascade Updates And Cascade Deletes
+ Find Records Based On Several Criteria
+ Apply Filters To Queries
+ Create Parameter Queries
+ Look At Action Queries
+ Create Update Queries
+ Create Append Queries
+ Look At Relationship Joins
+ Specify Join Properties
+ Create Forms In Design View
+ Examine Subforms And Subreports
+ Add Subform Controls To Forms
+ Navigate Through Subforms And Main Forms
+ Create And Use Toggle Buttons
+ Create And Use Combo Boxes
+ Create Tabbed Forms
+ Create Switchboards
+ Set Startup Options
+ Add And Modify Images
+ Group And Sort Report Data
+ Add Subreport Controls To Reports
+ Create Parameter Reports
+ Add And Modify Shapes And Lines
+ Create Data Access Pages In Design View
+ Group Data In Data Access Pages
+ Add PivotTables To Data Access Pages
+ Add PivotCharts To Data Access Pages
+ Examine Security Issues
+ Set Database Passwords
+ Modify Database Passwords
+ Encode And Decode Databases
+ Replicate Databases
+ Use The Database Splitter
+ Create MDE Files
+ Examine Macros And Modules
+ Become Familiar With VBA
+ Create Modules
+ Create Buttons And Assign Modules

This e-learning course is suitable for self paced learning, distance learning and blended learning. This is an online training course and uses high quality multimedia with audio to fully engage the user.


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