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You negotiate and persuade every day, just by living and working with people. Preparation, confidence and persuasion are skills that will help you to obtain as much as is reasonably possible. In this course you will learn how you can be more influential and persuasive when you negotiate, without resorting to bullying, manipulation or misuse of authority. This course provides in depth training in all aspects of negotiation and persuading basics.  This course covers the following:

Negotiating Yourself
30 minutes of learning covering the following topics:

  • Influencing, Persuasion and Negotiation
  • Start with yourself
  • Processing and Reacting
  • Self-talk
  • Take time to collect yourself
  • Redefining Yourself
  • Being Assertive
  • Look as if you mean it and Breathe
  • Mind movies
  • Bin the extras
  • Your Radar

Influence and Persuasion
60 minutes of learning covering the following topics:

  • Influence and Persuasion
  • The Groundwork
  • Seek views and support
  • Research and gather Information
  • Making your case
  • Into the breach
  • Win what?
  • Do you need to negotiate?
  • Preparing to Negotiate
  • Research and Rally support
  • Contact fellow negotiators
  • Plan your approach
  • Use your communication skills
  • Building rapport
  • Match the mood
  • Restate the problem
  • Reframe
  • Look for the positive
  • Ask questions to consolidate common ground
  • Use breaks and adjournments
  • Summarise regularly
  • Working through objections
  • Confirm agreement
  • Obtain commitment
  • Handling conflict
  • Responding to criticism
  • Sidetracking
  • Pulling rank
  • Being shouted at
  • Collaboration

This e-learning course is suitable for self paced learning, distance learning and blended learning. This is an online training course and uses high quality multimedia with audio to fully engage the user.


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