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Layoffs in corporate America have become the stuff of daily headlines. Since last December, U.S. companies have announced more than 500,000 job cuts, and that trend is continuing. Among the challenges that companies face in this regard are (1) organizing, training and empowering a smaller workforce to deliver improved services; (2) preserving the dignity of departing employees; and (3) boosting the morale and productivity of the employees who remain.

The purpose of this training Course is to help managers minimize the negative impact of this experience for those whom they are charged with informing of the company's reduction-in-force decision. It is grounded in the notion that a fairly and humanely administered reduction in force will promote trust and faith in the management and future of the company.

The topics covered in this Course include:
  • Company rights
  • Careful communication
  • Preventing litigation
  • Preparing for the termination meeting
  • Using a checklist
  • What to say
  • What not to say
  • Managing the survivors