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Protecting trade secrets is more important than ever today, as companies look for ways to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition. Prudent companies are recognizing the need not only to protect their own confidential business information as trade secrets, but also to guard against the misappropriation of others' trade secrets.

In most cases, it is an act or omission of a company's employees that leads to a loss, theft or misappropriation of trade secrets. More and more companies are taking steps to prevent the loss or misappropriation of their confidential business information. One of the best ways to do this is through employee education — communicating the risks and setting out procedures to address them. A critical step in this process is assembling a policy on trade secrets and communicating it to all employees — both temporary and permanent, as well as independent contractors — who may use, create or have access to the company's trade secrets.

Course Summary
This Course sets forth and explains a model trade-secrets policy that addresses the most common situations in which trade secrets are either lost or misappropriated. A company that already has a policy in place can use this Course to communicate that policy to its employees online and secure the employees' assent quickly and cost-effectively. Likewise, for a company that has not yet assembled or implemented a trade-secrets policy, the Course provides a turn-key solution that can be put in place instantly.

The topics covered in the Course include —
  • Overview of trade-secret law
  • Company policies and procedures
  • New hires
  • Departing employees
  • Joint ventures and sale/merger activities
  • Customer/supplier relationships
  • Outside consultants and temporary workers
  • Unsolicited ideas