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The federal government spends half a trillion dollars annually on medical care - one-quarter of its budget, and fraudulent claims may total $50 billion this year. One major source of fraud is the submission of false claims for government funds, such as Medicare and Medicaid. In 1986, Congress enacted amendments to a Civil War Era law called the False Claims Act (FCA), which penalizes those responsible for submitting false claims for government funds. These amendments were designed to strengthen the incentives for individuals to sue organizations that are engaged in fraud. Reporting these abuses is commonly known as a form of "whistleblowing". Employees can be one of the best defenses against fraud through whistleblowing. A whistleblower can be any employee or former employee who reports misconduct, up to and including filing a lawsuit related to the fraud.

Course Summary
This Course is intended to show employees when, how and why to use the whistleblowing provisions of the FCA. It covers not only the incentives for whistleblowing, but also how a whistleblower is protected under the law.

The topics include:

  • Healthcare Fraud
  • False Claims Act
  • Qui Tam
  • How to Blow the Whistle
  • Whistleblower Protection
  • Reporting Misconduct
  • Good Faith Requirements
  • Unlawful Retaliation