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Learn Skills is an innovative learning solutions provider driven by a mission to deliver the best technology-based solutions for learning. Our Goal is to help everyone learn better, faster and smarter. We are interested in forming partnerships with organisations that share our commitment to excellence, openness and innovation. The company is based at the National University of Ireland in Galway, Ireland at the heart of a technology innovation hub, where we can bring the resources and R&D capacity of one of Ireland and Europe's leading Universities to bear on any partnership or project.

  • Learn Skills will act on any creative idea, process or technology that will make a tangible difference to the challenges facing our clients.
  • We collaborate with a diverse range of developers and service providers to provide distribution channels for their technology based learning solutions
  • Learn Skills is continually developing and seeking new channel partnerships and alliances
  • We have expertise developing and winning tenders/ bids/ grants for a wide range of learning initiatives and are interested in leading or contributing to such initiatives

Please contact us should you have a partnership suggestion or proposal.

Phone  +353 91 39 55 01 Contact Us: http://learnskills.org/en/contact-us






Featured Partners




InterAction Training


Established in the early nineteen-eighties, InterAction Training is Australia’s longest serving provider of eLearning solutions. The InterAction team has always been at the forefront of the self-paced learning industry and has exported learning throughout the world in languages including Spanish, French and Long and Short form Chinese.